Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Library Hosts Tooth Fairy

The Governors' Square Library Preschool Storytime, where I am the Children's Librarian, had a delightful program last Tuesday, February 17, when "The Tooth Fairy" and her assistant popped in for a visit. All 26 children and 4 adults who attended were thrilled to see her dressed in her fairy costume and a crown adorning her head. They paid close attention as she read (of course) The Tooth Book, and told them how to take care of their teeth. She also told them about the dentist office where she works and how much fun it is to visit there. She even had goody bags for each child with stickers and toothbrushes inside!

It all sounded so good, but my visit to the dentist today did not turn out that way. After examining my gums, the hygienist found that I have periodontal disease on four sides of my back teeth, and have to have the infection cleaned out soon. so I swallowed hard and scheduled an appointment for March 5 at 10:50 a.m. Please keep me in your prayers. The infection is dangerous for my heart, too.